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  • Pre-Engineered Crossovers

    F R P Pre-Engineered Crossovers

    Pre-Engineered Crossovers Advantages

      • Cost Effective
      • Lightweight
      • Corrosion Resistant
      • Comply with Revised OSHA Standards 1910.25 and 1910.29

    Pre-engineered composite ship stair crossovers and stair crossovers serve as a more cost effective, standard solution to meet your special requirements. Fibergrate's pre-engineered crossovers provide a readily available solution with availability in a variety of heights that address most standard clearances below the walkover. Fibergrate's crossovers are versatile enough to solve many of the day-to-day needs of most facilities. Traditional material options such as heavy, expensive steel or stainless steel crossovers are often unsafe, costly to ship and install, and difficult to clean.